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The best herbs and medicinal plants traditionally used for centuries and studied by scientific research for their beneficial properties are now at the service of all women who would like to gain in both breast size and good health!

breast enlargement pillsThe best of the Mediterranean and Chinese herbal traditions have been brought together in a natural dietary supplement that not only tones and enhances the breasts, but also helps with all the female problems associated with menstrual irregularities, PMS and the menopause.

Wonderup was created to address the common experiences that breasts fail to fully develop or having developed they decrease in size as a woman gets older. This lack of breast development or loss of breast size is often caused by hormone imbalance, an ill which Wonderup is designed to remedy.

breast enlargement tabletsExplore these pages to discover more about Wonderup and how it promotes natural breast enlargement. Even those who don't need to enhance their breasts can benefit from the hormone balancing properties of Wonderup and help their bodies cope better with the menstrual cycle or the menopause.

With Wonderup you can hope to gain not only in beauty but also in wellbeing, as the formula has been designed with a woman's general health in mind as well as breast growth. Look forward to promoting your body's natural breast growth process and also to feeling better!

For further information on this natural breast enlargement product you can e-mail us at:

Our address is: Vortex Health & Beauty Ltd, 54 Melville Court, Croft Street,
London SE8 5DR

Our telephone no. is: 020 7237 0071

This herbal bust enhancer is 100% natural. It is not a medicine or a drug and is not intended to treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease.

The contents of this website do not form part of the product packaging.

Any views expressed on the website's natural breast enlargement message board / forum are those of the individual contributors providing them and are not necessarily the views of Vortex Health & Beauty or endorsed by Vortex Health & Beauty.

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Natural Breast Enlargement Introduction Nature's Wonderup Herbal Bust Formulation How Natural Wonderup Works Who Can Take It Medical Review Clinical Study New ! The Wonderup Bust Cream Breast Enhancement Testimonials Frequently Asked Questions Questions On Ordering More About The Herbal Bust Formula Ingredients Other Benefits Of The Formula Further Enquiries Order Herbal Wonderup The Wonderup Herbal Breast Enlargement Pill Message Board

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"A few months ago, I went from a C cup to a small B due to dieting and weight loss. Although I was pleased to have a slimmer overall physique, I was not happy with nature's reduction in my breasts. I thought I would try Bust Enhancer pills to re gain the growth and curves I once had. To my delight after using it for 3 weeks, I had increased to a C cup once again, while still keeping my slim figure. "


Eve's Natural Breast Enlargement Forum The Woman's Accent Herbal Bust Formula I've ordered more herbal Bust Enhancer to maintain my fullness and possibly fill out more and gain size again! Thanks for a great product.

Testimonials Woman's Accent Advanced Formula More About The Ingredients Order Woman's Accent Message Board enhancer forum confidence womans accent womansaccent womensaccent women's accent womens accent Woman's Accent natural breast enhancer for herbal breast enhancement forum uk

breast enlargement pills i'd describe it as gain from nature's goodwill, but still will keep going and enjoy the good health too. thanks. london england uk

breast natural enhancement

"I'd heard about this natural way of breast enhancement and thought I'd give it a try, thinking that even modest results would be good. After only a month of the herbal bust enhancer pills I've already surpassed "modest" results and need a new bra! I really wasn't expecting that much gain, but I'm a cup size bigger and what is also important a lot firmer too. I should have tried this sooner, because I'm finding that it's a great boost to confidence."

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Herbal Breast Enlargement effective works tablet natural breast enhancement "First of all I saw a fuller look develop and a while later I got to the point of measurable size increase." natural breast enlargement

"I am so happy to have found this natural bust enhancement pill! In the first 2 weeks I noticed added fullness and by just 30 days I had gain about 3/4 of an inch growth. In addition to this, my breasts seem more firm and uplifted, which was great after having breast fed for over a year. I have no negative side effects and am excited to continue taking it to see even greater results. I would have no hesitations recommending this product to anyone."

"I didn't really know whether a herbal bust enlargement formulation would improve me or not, but after only two weeks there was great improvement. My shape was better as they had gained width and there was also the beginnings of size. Now I can say that two months further on and the natural breast enlargement is so obvious that people are wondering what happened to me. I'm so much happier now and have more confidence in myself. I'm still surprised in fact that this has been achieved in an entirely natural way and I'm just glad that I tried it."

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"After 2 bottles of the herbal bust capsules I started to experience this natural breast enhancement I'd been hoping for. At that time it was just more firmness, but eventually I began to see results and this has continued, although quite slowly. I haven't gone up a size as such, but the natural enhancement is continuing so perhaps I eventually will."


I have noticed a slight increase in my size after taking Bust Enhancer for 2 months. I will continue to use the enhancer pills and wait for more results. I've had 5 bottles of Woman's Accent and I can say yes to breast enlargement the natural way.

"I am 55 years old and recently completed menopause, so naturally I checked with my gynecologist before purchasing Bust Enhancer. She assured me it would be perfectly safe to use in conjunction with my hormone replacement therapy. I can assure you my breasts are much fuller, firmer and noticeably rounder. It's a great alternative to augmentation."

"I'm one of those people who are slow to respond to anything so I still thought I'd got a chance. Then eventually I noticed a better shape developing and a short time after that some definite natural bust breast enlargement. I would describe my progress as slow but that's nature's way and it's very worthwhile."

The first result I saw was more firmness, but for a long time it seemed like nothing else was happening. Then I saw that there was some bust enlargement, which made a big difference to how I felt about myself, even though it wasn't that great. This was after about 10 weeks. Now after 4 months the difference is becoming very obvious. I think trying the Woman's Accent herbal breast enlargement pills has been one of the best things I've ever done.


I am finishing my third bottle of Bust Enhancer, and have seen results. My breasts are fuller, I fill out my bra more and feel like I need to get a new bra with better underwire support. I plan to continue taking the enhancer pills until I gain my size.

"I have had 3 children and most moms I've talked with would agree that a woman's breasts do become a little battle weary. I've been using Bust Enhancer for almost 3 months and feel I have regained some fullness and nature's shape. I thought about surgery, but I am pleased with the results I've got using your product."

It's now an inch growth that I can measure and I'm hoping for more. There were times when not much seemed to be happening, especially early on, but I can now testify that this really is a wonderful product.

"My response to nature's Woman's Accent has not been as fast as some are reporting. Nevertheless, I have found after 2 bottles that there has been some bust enlargement. I had begun to wonder if I was going to get anywhere by taking the product, but then towards the end of the second month I could suddenly notice the difference. I will now start my third bottle and hope that the progress will continue."

"My size was a little more than 34A but not much. The first month not much happened except after about 2 weeks I noticed some tingling in my left breast. The second month I started noticing more tingling (in both this time) and eventually I started getting rounder and fuller breasts. I almost can fill out a size 34B bra now. With summer here I also can wear a swimsuit that doesn't have a padded bra. I'm just starting my 5th bottle. I'm still increasing and have a little "bounce" when I walk. Also my husband thinks the natural breast enlargement is great. He can tell a difference. He enjoys my bigger breasts and encourages me to continue. Thanks for a product that works!"

"I have been using your product for only 2 weeks and I cannot believe the results. I was so depressed because I have been weight training and lost a lot of my breasts. I considered getting bust implants, but cost was a huge factor! So I tried your bust pills and cream and I've already increased a FULL CUP SIZE (to 36C). My breasts are fuller and firmer and that is very important after having breastfed. I would definitely recommend your product. Thank you a million times!" "I've been using your product for a little over 60 days. I started noticing a difference immediately. My breasts had gotten fuller and more evenly sized. This week I even drew notice and comment that they had growth, noticeably larger. I heartily recommend that anyone considering surgical breast implants to try your product first."

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